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  • Finance will have a green future! – Part II

    CEE and Austria with a lot of catching up to do By Jörg Bayer, RBI | Read the first part of this article here. What applies to the European financial market as a whole, applies even to a larger extent to the CEE and CIS region including Austria. Currently the total of “green” bonds from […]

  • Finance will have a green future! – Part I

    By Jörg Bayer, RBI | For years, Green Financial Products sounded like a marketing strategy to many investors and were not taken as a serious and important market segment. This is changing rapidly now, especially in Europe. In the USA this topic is currently determined far more by the markets themselves whereas in Europe, additional […]

  • Public Holidays 2020 in CEE

    Are you planning a business trip to the CEE region? Or would you like to know on which dates your business partner in CEE is on public holidays? The Discover CEE Public Holidays 2020 overview shows all the dates at one glance. Wherever you travel from, when planning a trip to the CEE region, also […]

  • A traditional New Year’s Eve in Albania

    By Klarida Rrogozi, Raiffeisen Bank in Albania | Like many other countries, Albania has its own special traditions celebrating New Year’s Eve. Read in today’s blogposts, what makes this holiday so special in the country. New Year’s table of prosperity A table full of various dishes and the whole family together – this is how […]

  • The Albanian fintech scene in the spotlight

    By Anila Hoxha, Raiffeisen Bank in Albania | In the past few years, Albania has been experiencing an emerging startup ecosystem. Nevertheless, most of the country’s startups are still in the early stages of seed financing. Lately, however, many private and public players have expressed their interest in funding startups usually in the field of […]

  • Albania & EU: All hopes on Croatia and Germany

    By Valbona Gjeka, Raiffeisen Bank Albania, Gunter Deuber, RBI | In a somewhat surprising move, the Council of Europe did not agree to give the green light for the official opening of accession talks to Albania in 2019. That was unexpected, because the European Commission and most of the EU countries recognized the progress of […]

  • “What I’m most proud of is helping to create a different lifestyle for Albanians”

    By Klarida Rrogozi, Raiffeisen Bank in Albania | Samir Mane, president of the Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and among the largest in the Western Balkans, was originally born in Korça. The old and traditional city in southeast Albania was primarily a center of trade, before the communist regime […]

  • Albania from North to South

    By Klarida Rrogozi, Raiffeisen Bank in Albania | Albania, this small and astonishing country in the Western Balkans, is one of the rare places where a lot of wildlife is still preserved. Alps, valleys, lakes, an amazing coastline alongside the country – when you visit Albania, you can enjoy all these beautiful sights. Tourists can […]

  • Economic and cultural facts about Albania at a glance

    In December, the Discover CEE spotlight is on Albania! Watch out for several blog posts on Albania’s business, culture and success stories. Today, we have the most interesting economic data and cultural facts about Albania at a glance for you. The fact sheet is also downloadable in print version. Click here to print the fact […]

  • I can’t stop counting my favorite places in Bulgaria

    By Bojidar Gyurov, Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria | What is a foreigners’ idea of Bulgaria? How can Bulgaria pleasantly surprise them? Would they come to work here? How is the business environment in Bulgaria changing? How can Bulgaria attract foreign investments? While we were trying to find the answers to these challenging questions, our paths […]

  • Another tag on the wall

    By Eleonora Georgieva and Stoyan Genov, Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria | Graffiti artists are turning Bulgarian cities into creative open galleries, and sending powerful messages in the process The perception towards graffiti has changed over the past few decades thanks to outstanding street artists like Banksy, who have done more than just paint an image […]