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  • Russia: Well prepared for crisis, but still challenged by COVID-19

    By Andreas Schwabe, RBI and Stanislav Murashov Raiffeisenbank in Russia | Russia entered the year 2020 on a positive note in line with our slightly upbeat global macro-scenario: The Russian economy had gotten accustomed to the sanction regime in place since 2015, substantial new US sanctions have not materialised during 2019 and the economically and […]

  • Building a digital platform together with Corporate Customers

    By Alexandra Jocham, RBI The customer need for digital platforms has continuously risen in the past years – and it will further rise in the light of the current Corona crisis. “It is all about reducing effort, complexity and providing state of the art interfaces instead of the good old-fashioned mail or pdf communication,” says […]

  • The Journey to Mars – Enhancing the Loan Processing by using Artificial Intelligence

    By Wolfgang Rachbauer, RBI Credit Office, Artificial Intelligence in Loan Documentation Transforming a company into an efficient and adaptive organization needs innovative ideas in all aspects of the daily work. Traditional banking is changing significantly. All processes are being analyzed from the scratch and banks are implementing automation procedures even in fields that did not […]

  • COVID-19: No large-scale spreading in Central Europe – contextual information and economic implications

    By Zoltan Török, Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. Hungary, Helena Horska, Raiffeisenbank a.s. Czech Republic, Tibor Lörincz, Tatrabank, Slovakia and Gunter Deuber RBI, Vienna             From a broader European perspective, the region Central Europe (CE) did fairly well in containing the COVID-19 spreading, some countries were among the least affected European countries […]

  • Talk to me: why chats are the channel of choice for banking customers

    By Ilya Schirov, Raiffeisenbank in Russia Raiffeisenbank Russia has a long tradition of communicating digitally with its customers and has identified the chat as one of the preferred customer channels. Ilya Schirov, responsible for remote customer interaction at Raiffeisenbank ZAO in Russia, describes how banks and customers both can benefit from this form of communication. […]

  • Not so different next time?

    by Sebastian Petric and Lucas Darius Konrad, RBI|             Reinhart and Rogoff famously distinguish between four types of crises in their book “This Time Is Different”, namely international debt and banking crises, inflation, and currency crashes and debasements. We analyse the question on the interrelation between banking crises and FX […]

  • Ten surprising CEE Easter traditions

    By Benedikta Schlange, RBI | Easter is just around the corner and many families are already starting their preparations for the most important Christian event of the year.   During Easter time in Austria, eggs are dyed or artistically decorated with color. The children wait eagerly for the Easter Bunny to hide chocolate eggs, which […]

  • COVID-19 in Hungary: Still flat curve – higher taxes and rates even now

    By Zoltan Török, Raiffeisen Bank Zrt. Hungary, Gunter Deuber and Matthias Reith, RBI, Vienna |               What was initially more a ‘Chinese problem’ and then an ‘Italian drama’ has rapidly transformed into ‘everybody’s problem’. Hungarian authorities – alongside with other CEE governments – were moving in an early stage […]

  • COVID-19 in Czech Republic: State of emergency and economic prospects

    By Helena Horska, Raiffeisenbank a.s. Czech Republic, Gunter Deuber and Matthias Reith, RBI, Vienna | COVID-19 infections are spreading globally and exponentially. In developed countries, incl. the Czech Republic, a crisis of healthcare systems seems imminent. As a result of containment measures and growing effects of the virus, we also see an existential economic crisis […]