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  • 5 innovative start-ups from Central and Eastern Europe

    By Benedikta Schlange, RBI | In this article we introduce you to five innovative start-ups from Central and Eastern Europe. From growing your own vegetables to a personal trainer experience for your home, it’s all covered. Find out what interesting ideas Central and Eastern Europe has to offer you. DevopOne, Bulgaria  Top talents for big […]

  • Christmas Traditions in CEE

    By Benedikta Schlange, RBI | Christmas is approaching and the preparations for the festivities are already underway. We looked at what interesting Christmas traditions there are in CEE. Let us put you in the mood for a merry Christmas right now. Albania Christmas Eve is called “Nata e Krishtit” in Albanian. At Nata e Krishtit […]

  • Spotlight on Belarus: Underlying economic challenges to resurface rather sooner than later

    By Olga Zhegulo, Priorbank, Ruslan Gadeev and Andreas Schwabe, RBI |               Ongoing political protests in the aftermath of presidential elections on 9th August 2020 put a global spotlight on the Republic of Belarus, the country sandwiched between Russia, Ukraine and the eastern flank of the European Union. Ruled […]

  • Great Stone – a pearl of the Silk Road

    By Natalya Chernogorova, Priorbank Belarus | Twenty-five kilometers away to the north of Belarus’ capital city Minsk there is a newly evolving multinational smart eco-town with a focus on high-tech innovative industries and a well-developed social infrastructure, green recreational and residential areas. This is how the Sino-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park is projected to look […]

  • Belarus and Russia: Brothers in Arms when it comes to digital banking

    By Gunter Deuber, RBI and Natalya Chernogorova, Priorbank Belarus | In terms of its degree of digital maturity, the banking sector in Belarus can be described as very advanced. This holds true although the banking sector in Belarus is sometimes overlooked in analytical or marketing studies covering Digital topics in the CEE or EMEA region. […]

  • Belarus and China: Economic connectivity at its best

    By Natalya Chernogorova and Vasily Pirogovsky, Priorbank Belarus | Compared with other countries of the CEE region, the economic connectivity of China and Belarus is one of the highest. Diplomatic relations between China and Belarus have already been established in 1992. Over the time, Belarus has expanded its economic connection with China substantially. The trade […]

  • Christmas and New Year traditions in Belarus

    By Darya Shakuro, Priorbank Belarus | As a “Soviet legacy”, Belarusians got New Year’s Eve as the main holiday in the year. While all of Europe has always paid more attention to Christmas, the Soviet ideology has demanded the abandonment of “Western” and religious holidays. That is why New Year’s Eve became the most long-awaited […]

  • Five reasons for investing in Belarus

    By Darya Petrovich, Priorbank Belarus | Belarus is becoming one of Europe’s leading emerging markets.  Here are five compelling reasons why Belarus is an attractive place for investments: 1. LOCATION Direct access to the market of the Common Economic Space (CES) countries (Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) with common customs tariff: 182 million consumers, equal […]

  • FinTech Global Hackathon: The most promising ideas from Belarus’ start-ups

    By Darya Shakuro, Priorbank Belarus | More than 100 developers took part in the FinTech Global Hackathon, partnered by Priorbank, that took place in Minsk in September. The hackathon was remarkable for an international high-level jury and participants from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia. Within 48 hours developers had to create inventive ways of using […]