By Martin Schreiber, RBI|

Women are still underrepresented on the financial markets. We know that there are many reasons for this. Among other things, it is due to the fact that financial transactions are portrayed as “shady”, “dubious” and “risky” – something, women do not want to be associated with. But also because many women outsource their finances to their male partners. “A man is not a financial plan,” says Veronika Lammer from RBI’s Markets & Investment Banking Division. 

In our podcast, she talks about the topic “women and the financial markets”. Veronika has been dealing with capital market developments and market research as financial analyst for many years. She also was a portfolio manager for a long time. “It is a pity that women are often hesitant to take their financial matters into their own hands,” she says.

The Fondsfrauen offer workshops to women’s networks free of charge. If you want to host such a workshop for your group of interested women, please get in touch with Veronika. For the future, the Fondsfrauen are also planning video formats that can be made available to a wider audience.

Veronika Lammer and Martin Schreiber

How to get more women into financial markets

by By Veronika Lammer