by Anna Osmanova, Raiffeisenbank Russia |

You’ve recently read about Russian cuisine on our blog, but we’ve got other great cultural aspects of this multifaceted and diverse country for you. How about finding out more on constructivist architecture in Moscow? Interested? Then, we have a nice read for you with a focus on some architectural highlights.

Moscow has a lot to offer for a tourist, who is keen on architecture. Besides the world-famous Kremlin ensemble, the Seven Sisters High-rises and the Bolshoi theatre, there are quite a lot of other different unique and interesting architectural buildings. One of the beautiful architectural styles well-represented in Moscow is constructivism. Here is a couple of the buildings of this style, which are really interesting for both tourists who visit Moscow for the first time, or even for those who travel there often.

Melnikov House
A beautiful residential building of famous architect Konstantin Melnikov, which was constructed in 1927-1929 and is located on Krivoarbatsky Lane, right near Arbat street. The house itself consists of two intersecting cylindrical towers decorated with a pattern of hexagonal windows.

©InnaPoka – Melnikov House

The appearance of the house, its unique style and a small open area surrounding it contrasts with the classical residential area. For further pictures you can check here or here.

Narkomfin Building
Designed by Moisei Ginzburg and Ignaty Milinis in 1928, this great example of the constructivist architecture is located in the centre of Moscow, on Novinsky boulevard. In the Narkomfim building, the ideas of communal living are being experimented with.There are different types of accommodation units in the building, some large, some small, but all of them are two-level (though with one entrance).

That is why there are only two corridors inside even though the house has five floors. There were some elements of the communal living introduced to the life of dwellers of the building – for example, there was a common laundry room, a clothes dryer, a dining room (a canteen) and a library. If you want to see pictures of this interesting building have a look here.

Tsentrsoyuz Building
The Tsentrosoyuz Building or Centrosoyuz Building is an office building constructed in 1933 by Le Corbusier and Nikolai Kolli. Key Le Corbusier’s five points of modern architecture are applied in is beautiful building: the pilotis (the building stands on concrete pylons), flat roof, free interior plan, ribbon Windows (the windows can run the entire length of the house) and free facade. The number and the amount of space that the windows occupy seems to be enormous, which creates an additional unique impression of this beautiful building.

Likhachev Factory Palace of Culture
Designed as a special place where working people could spend free time, this fantastic building was built by the Vesnin brothers in 1933-1937 on the territory of the demolished monastery necropolis, for the workers of the automobile factory. The building has a huge lecture hall, cinema, studio rooms, library, winter garden and even an observatory on the roof.