By Katja Fiedler, RBI|

Welcome to our two-part series, in which we present interesting fintechs. Today we start with the first two Synerise and FinLync.

All four fintechs we present here, cover one of the following focus areas with their business models: advanced analytics and loyalty solutions; value added services for large corporates and bank as a platform. In addition, they are all going through the Elevator Lab Partnership Program powered by Raiffeisen Bank International and are currently developing a proof of concept (PoC), together with mentors and experts from RBI’s subsidiary banks and head office. In the second quarter of 2021, the solutions resulting from this PoC phase, will be presented at a demo day and subsequently evaluated for a potential partnership with RBI.


Synerise is a Polish fintech founded in 2013, working in the field of AI, Big Data, and Advanced Analytics. From its founding to this day, Synerise has attracted many global corporate customers, and is currently working with some of the biggest retail and financial services companies. Its product is an ecosystem driven by Artificial Intelligence with real-time data orchestration, created to drive business growth.​  

Synerise helps corporations better understand their customers’ needs, by collecting and analyzing data to personalize customer experience, to make future predictions based on historical data, and to observe interdependencies. Furthermore, it supports the improvement of products and eventually the generation of new revenue streams.

During the fourth round of Raiffeisen Bank International’s (RBI) Elevator Lab Partnership Program in 2020, Synerise was selected by the jury, consisting of C-level executives from RBI Group, as the finalist fintech in its “Advanced Analytics and Loyalty Solutions” track, and received the opportunity to work on a Proof of Concept for their solution, together with RBI’s subsidiary bank in Bulgaria.

Click on the video to learn more about Synerise. The company’s Chief Strategy Officer Janusz Naklicki and Remi Wojtczak, International Expansion Lead, are on hand to answer questions.


Founded in 2015, FinLync strives to make corporate finance faster and more secure as well as more streamlined and more intuitive. Therefore, it has developed native treasury apps which give corporate treasurers complete and direct control of their data. FinLync’s largest clients include Fortune 2000 and Fortune 500 companies.

In 2020, FinLync was chosen for the “Value added Services for Large Corporates” track of RBI’s Elevator Lab Partnership Program in order to develop white-label applications for real-time cash management, trade finance reporting and exchange rates integration, directly embedded in the corporate’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment.

Find out more about FinLync in this video with Peter Klein, CTO and Head of Product at FinLync.

In our next blog posting, we will introduce iFactor and Zentity, two further promising fintechs. Stay tuned.


Elevator Lab is a fintech partnership program powered by Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). Through various programs it constantly searches for innovative fintech solutions, in order to jointly develop tomorrow’s banking business.

In its Partnership Program, Elevator Lab looks for later-stage fintechs all over the world and offers a long-term collaboration to suitable partners. Local challenges and bootcamps focus on the CEE region, looking for later-stage fintechs and seed/early-stage startups or single founders, respectively.

In the second half of 2020, Elevator Lab started the fourth round of its Partnership Program with three search fields: Advanced Analytics and Loyalty Solutions; Value added Services for Large Corporates; Bank as a Platform

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