• “In Croatia you have to eat Janjetina many times before you get to a deal”

    By Alexandra Jocham, RBI | The Austrian economic delegate in Zagreb, Sonja Holocher-Ertl, spoke with Discover CEE about interesting business locations in Croatia, gave first-hand tips for doing business and how to escape crowded beaches in summer. Ms. Holocher-Ertl, what is it that makes Croatia attractive for investors? Croatia is the youngest EU member country, […]

  • “If you decide for an investment in Romania, do it for the long term”

    By Alexandra Jocham, RBI | Discover CEE talked with Gerd Bommer, Austrian economic delegate in Bucharest, about the attractiveness of Romania for investors, interesting business locations and first-hand tips for doing business.  Mr. Bommer, what makes Romania attractive for investors? Romania is an economy with a relatively strong and big domestic market, which is the main […]

  • „Romania is my home”

    By Carmen Dimitruc and Anca Hasegan, Raiffeisen Bank, Romania | Steven van Groningen, Raiffeisen Bank’s CEO for the past 17 years, is Dutch but calls Romania his home. He has become used to the way of thinking and feeling Romanian, although he has retained a healthy dose of “Western awareness” which helps him identify balanced […]

  • Expat Experience: There is no such thing as “the Austrians”, “the Czechs” or “the Serbs”.

    By Veronika Nováková, Raiffeisenbank a.s. Czech Republic | Martin Stotter certainly isn’t hesitant about crossing borders to accept an attractive job offer. It’s quite the opposite. As a board member of Czech Raiffeisenbank, a member of the RBI Group, he has already been working abroad for several years. His journey began in the banking sector […]

  • Expat life: A day in Minsk with Bernd Rozenberg

    By Darya Shakuro, Priorbank Belarus | A light Austrian breakfast with bread and jam, strenuous work with banking risks, a lunch with lard, running after a working day and an evening with a book by Stephen Hawking. Bernd Rozenberg, board member of Priorbank, told us about his daily routine and life in Belarus as an […]

  • Jewish Life in Vienna – A Conversation with Oskar Deutsch, President of the Jewish Community Vienna

    By Christof Danz, RBI | The rise of Vienna to a modern cosmopolitan city at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century is inseparably linked with its Jewish community. Important Jewish writers, artists and scientists such as Gustav Mahler, Arthur Schnitzler, Sigmund Freud or Arnold Schönberg, to name but a few, […]

  • “Everything is possible with a good team”

    By Katja Fiedler, RBI | Florian Gschwandtner, co-founder of the fitness app Runtastic, talks about creating motivation out of an investor’s “no”, being an investor himself now and how to learn from setbacks. Mr. Gschwandtner, you are one of Austria’s most successful start-up founders. In retrospect, what was the biggest challenge in founding Runtastic? The […]

  • Giving space to disruption

    By Anja Knass, RBI | Dr. Claudia Witzemann is the Managing Director of weXelerate – Austria’s leading start-up and innovation hub. We talked with her about the Austrian start-up ecosystem, the importance of disruption and Austria’s role as a bridge between East and West. weXelerate is Austria’s largest start-up hub and located in the center […]

  • Viennese Escargots: Slow food at its best

    By Andreas Ecker, RBI| Snail farmer and manufacturer Gugumuck aims at a future-oriented urban agriculture Ten years ago Andreas Gugumuck started breeding escargots on the vegetable field of his family’s farm. Today, his Viennese Escargots, the “Wiener Schnecken”, are a well-established culinary brand served in Austria’s top restaurants and his “Future Farm” in the South […]

  • I want people to talk about their finances

    By Anja Knass, RBI | Sara Koslinska, co-founder and CEO of the micro-investing app limitless, was recently named as one of “30 under 30” by Forbes Poland. In this interview she talks about what inspired her to launch her app and why she thinks that Millennials need to start talking about their finances. Sara, you […]