• Doing Business in Slovakia

    Slovakia has a population of 5.4 million, its capital city being Bratislava. Slovakia is a member of the EU, Eurozone, Schengen area, OECD, WTO and NATO. Located at the geographical centre of the EU Slovakia has a strategic location and around 300 million potential customers in a radius of  1,000 km.   Political and economic […]

  • How to impress your business partner in Belarus

    Belarus is increasingly involved in trade with Europe, exporting goods to many countries. Nowadays, Belarus welcomes all kinds of businesses, but if you want to work there, it is essential to be aware of the unique Belarusian business culture. Here are nine crucial rules and facts on business culture and etiquette for those who are […]

  • Doing business in Romania

    The World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Survey for 2017 ranks Romania at 36th out of 189 economies. For expats doing business in Romania, the country is seen as a strong economic force in CEE, with a very interesting domestic market and a well-educated workforce (especially in fields such as IT), but also as a […]

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    Planning a business trip to Ukraine

    Being on a business trip, of course, business matters are first in line. In order to find your way in Ukraine, in particular its capital Kiev, we collected some general introductory information and tips such as good restaurants, the best hotels and places of interest in Kiev. Documents needed for a trip For nationals of […]

  • How to impress your business partner in Bulgaria

    Patience and amicable relationships are crucial to success when doing business in Bulgaria. Knowledge of attitudes and values is essential in order to communicate effectively with your counterparts. Learn more about the Bulgarian business etiquette, how to build good business relationships and get to know the Bulgarian meaning of a nod (means “no”). Punctuality In […]

  • How to impress your business partner in Serbia

    If you are a business person coming to a foreign country in order to conclude an important business deal, it is very important to respect the local norms of behaviour and manners. The better your command of these social skills, the more you study the local customs in detail, the better the results of your […]

  • Planning a business trip to Kosovo

    Situated in Southeastern Europe Kosovo is the youngest European country with a very young population. Besides the official languages Albanian and Serbian, many Kosovars speak fluent English and German. Kosovo has a mild continental climate with cold, snowy winters and warm summers. May and September are the best months for a visit. Find out all […]

  • Getting started with the Hungarian business culture

    Having a business meeting in Hungary, or trying to establish a successful contract? ”Discover CEE” has collected some useful tips about the Hungarian business culture. Time and place of meetings The majority of Hungarian business meetings take place in the office. Many companies have a separate meeting room set up when they open their offices […]

  • Planning a business trip to Croatia

    Croatia is a land of rich historic and cultural heritage as well as natural beauty located in the centre of Southeast Europe. Many of the numerous museums, galleries, national and nature parks are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The capital Zagreb is not only an up and coming tourist destination in Europe, as stated […]

  • How to plan a business trip to Albania

    Located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, Albania is near the main European markets and can be reached easily by plane, car or ship. Although the whole country is worth a visit, Tirana remains the business capital of Albania and thereby the centre of economic connections. How to get to Albania? The only airport […]

  • How to impress your business partner in the Czech Republic

    Meeting expectations and leaving a good impression on a business partner from a different culture depends on knowledge of proper etiquette and customs of the particular country. This will greatly facilitate mutual communication. The course of a business meeting in the Czech Republic does not generally differ from meetings in other European countries. Differences can […]