• Try traditional Eastern Slovak recipes this Easter

    By Zuzana Žiaranová, Spokesperson, Tatra banka | While people in towns usually relax or go for walks during the holidays, Easter in the countryside of Western Slovakia is rich in many traditions and customs. Typical dishes include paska (white cake) and hrudka (egg cheese) that can’t be missing from a traditional Easter basket.  On the […]

  • Hidden Places in Slovakia

    By Oľga Kleinová, | “Tajchy” of Banská Štiavnica (Middle Slovakia) Tajchy are lakes situated in Central Slovakia in the Štiavnické Mountains. They were constructed for the needs of the local mines and until today 24 lakes have been picturesquely created in nature. Some of them are great for recreation: in summer for swimming and boating, […]

  • Croatian summer: Secret spots and colorful festivals

    By Kristina Samardžić, Raiffeisen Bank Croatia | Croatian jealousy sometimes leads to some of the country’s most beautiful spots staying rather hidden and limited to those who try hard enough to reveal their incredible mixture of history, nature, culture, customs and people. What is not so secret anymore on the other hand, is the fact […]

  • HUM – The smallest town in the world!

    By Ozren Tabaković, Raiffeisen Bank Croatia | If you ever visit Croatia, and we think you absolutely should, there is a town called Hum, and it’s a must in terms of touristic attractions. Although there is no formal or actual record of Hum being recognized by Guiness Book of World Records as the smallest city […]

  • Sarmale, a symbol of the delicious mix Romanian gastronomy has to offer

    By Carmen Dimitruc, Raiffeisen Bank, Romania | Traditional Romanian food has been influenced over the centuries by Turkish, Hungarian, Greek, Serbian, Russian, Polish, French and Italian cuisine, but innovations, local ingredients, Orthodox religious customs, preference for pork meat and other specific conditions make it unique. People say Romanian cuisine is delicious, diverse, and full of […]

  • Get some rest in Bucharest!

    By Carmen Dimitruc, Raiffeisen Bank, Romania | If you are looking for a new and exciting destination for your holidays or maybe just a three to four days city break, be sure to put Bucharest on your list! Vibrant urban environment with old-style charm The capital city of Romania combines vibrant urban environment with old-style […]

  • Economic and cultural facts about Romania at a glance

    In February, the Discover CEE spotlight is on Romania! Watch out for several blog posts on Romanian business, culture and success stories. Today, we have the most interesting economic data and cultural facts about Romania at a glance for you. The fact sheet is also downloadable in print version. Click here to print the fact […]