• Hungary as a solid business location: Closing in on Poland, outpacing Romania

    By Zoltan Török (Raiffeisen Bank in Hungary) and Gunter Deuber (RBI) | In spite of the recent and noticeable economic slowdown in the euro area and Germany (a major trading partner of Hungary), the Hungarian economy delivered record-high GDP growth at 5 percent in 2018. Hungary thus continues the strong growth performance of recent years, […]

  • CEE´s emerging fintech ecosystems

    By Christof Danz, RBI | If you think of European fintech centers, then London, Berlin and Stockholm are probably the first places that come to mind. And if you look eastwards you might also consider the Baltic States. But did you know that there is a very lively fintech scene in Bulgaria or that Belarus […]

  • How PSD2 will change the future of banking

    By Andrea Cintulova and Tanja Imamovic, RBI | Which non-banker would suspect that the harmless sounding abbreviation PSD2 hides one of the biggest change processes the banking industry has ever seen? PSD, short from Payment Service Directive, was adopted in 2007 with the goal of creating a single market for payments across the European Union. […]

  • Startup (r)evolution in Slovakia

    By Zuzana Žiaranová, Spokesperson, Tatra banka | High-technology brings about evolution with some elements of revolution into business. Local companies that are able to seize new opportunities will also withstand global competition. Everyone has some ideas, but whether they “land on the moon” dependa on the implementation itself, explains startup mentor Michal Satur. How would […]

  • “In Croatia you have to eat Janjetina many times before you get to a deal”

    By Alexandra Jocham, RBI | The Austrian economic delegate in Zagreb, Sonja Holocher-Ertl, spoke with Discover CEE about interesting business locations in Croatia, gave first-hand tips for doing business and how to escape crowded beaches in summer. Ms. Holocher-Ertl, what is it that makes Croatia attractive for investors? Croatia is the youngest EU member country, […]

  • “If you decide for an investment in Romania, do it for the long term”

    By Alexandra Jocham, RBI | Discover CEE talked with Gerd Bommer, Austrian economic delegate in Bucharest, about the attractiveness of Romania for investors, interesting business locations and first-hand tips for doing business.  Mr. Bommer, what makes Romania attractive for investors? Romania is an economy with a relatively strong and big domestic market, which is the main […]

  • „Romania is my home”

    By Carmen Dimitruc and Anca Hasegan, Raiffeisen Bank, Romania | Steven van Groningen, Raiffeisen Bank’s CEO for the past 17 years, is Dutch but calls Romania his home. He has become used to the way of thinking and feeling Romanian, although he has retained a healthy dose of “Western awareness” which helps him identify balanced […]

  • Lasvit: They light up the world, but their heart stays in Bohemia

    By Veronika Nováková, Raiffeisen Bank Czech Republic | They stay devoted to their craft, respect it and are not afraid to experiment. They combine traditional Bohemian hand-blown glass with modern technology and design. Lasvit’s vision is to be the world’s most inspiring glassmaker. Read our interview with the firm’s partner and co-founder Aleš Stýblo and […]

  • Seven famous people with Czech origin

    By Veronika Nováková, Raiffeisenbank a.s., Czech Republic | We have selected seven Czechs known all over the world for their work. Meet the most important persons of the Czech past and present.   Antonín Leopold Dvořák (8 September 1841 – 1 May 1904) Dvořák was a globally recognized composer, conductor and professor of music and […]