• Omamas: Women improve society via education

    By David Auer, Stepic CEE Charity | Education is important. We all know that. And the earlier you start, the better it is. Moreover, even a temporary interruption in children’s education has a negative impact on their lives in the long term. Girls suffer the most. A lack of education pushes them back into traditional […]

  • Women, start to provision for the future!

    By Pia Oberhauser, RBI | Even as we enter the third decade of the 21st century, the gender wealth gap is still serious in many countries. The most recent figure for Austria dates back to 2017*, when it was 23 per cent. Now, this figure may have improved somewhat in recent years. But large differences […]

  • Room for improvement: The situation of female founders in Europe

    By Benedikta Schlange, RBI | International Women’s Day, which took place on March 8, inspired me to find out what the situation of female entrepreneurs in Europe is actually like. How many are there? Where are they most represented? Do they get as many investments as men or are they still lagging behind? In the […]

  • Cyber Security: Threats almost any company faces after 1 year of home office

    By Peter Gerdenitsch, RBI | After one year of COVID-19, many of us have become accustomed to the home office. However, the increased demand for “remote working” has significantly changed the framework conditions for cyber security. Prominent companies became victims of cyber attacks and experienced unwanted “publicity” in the media. Banks in particular are attractive […]

  • Veronika Lammer Financial Analyst

    Podcast: How to get more women into financial markets

    By Martin Schreiber, RBI| Women are still underrepresented on the financial markets. We know that there are many reasons for this. Among other things, it is due to the fact that financial transactions are portrayed as “shady”, “dubious” and “risky” – something, women do not want to be associated with. But also because many women […]

  • Empower yourself – 4 tips for women to strengthen self-worth

    By Cathy Zimmermann, Performance Coach & Moderator | In my job as a presentation, communication and performance coach, I am always surprised how insecure many women become as soon as they must communicate something effectively. There is the bank director who has a bombshell job and expertise to the power of ten and then – […]

  • Get to know four of the most promising fintechs – part 2

    By Katja Fiedler, RBI| Welcome to the second part of our two-part series, in which we present interesting fintechs. Today, we are having a look at Zentity and iFactor. Like the two fintechs Synerise and FinLync, which we presented last week, Zentity and iFactor are going through the Elevator Lab Partnership Program powered by Raiffeisen […]

  • Get to know four of the most promising fintechs – part 1

    By Katja Fiedler, RBI| Welcome to our two-part series, in which we present interesting fintechs. Today we start with the first two Synerise and FinLync. All four fintechs we present here, cover one of the following focus areas with their business models: advanced analytics and loyalty solutions; value added services for large corporates and bank […]

  • 5 innovative start-ups from Central and Eastern Europe

    By Benedikta Schlange, RBI | In this article we introduce you to five innovative start-ups from Central and Eastern Europe. From growing your own vegetables to a personal trainer experience for your home, it’s all covered. Find out what interesting ideas Central and Eastern Europe has to offer you. DevopOne, Bulgaria  Top talents for big […]

  • 7 innovative women from Central and Eastern Europe you should know

    By Alexandra Jocham, RBI | In the months of January and February, we are strongly focusing on the topic of “innovation” and would like to introduce you to seven women from CEE who stand out for their innovations in today’s post. Have fun clicking through and feel free to submit more women you think would […]

  • “We must be as modular as Lego”

    By Christof Danz, RBI | The terms innovation, digitization and customer experience are currently on everyone’s lips. Discover CEE spoke with Christian Wolf, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystems, about how he interprets these terms, why APIs are is so important and what we can learn from Lego bricks. When did the topic of digitization […]