ATOMI: Identifying and supporting extraordinary intelligence

By Edita Pozhegu, representative of ATOMI |

The ATOMI organization in Kosovo has been established ten years ago as an initiative of a group of professionals and is one of its kind in the Balkans region. It focuses on the identification and support of gifted students with extraordinary intelligence in Kosovo. ATOMI aims to identify gifted students (‘Atomists’) early on and offers proper opportunities, conditions, care and services in accordance with these students’ intellectual potential, talents, and ambitions, contributing to their personal development, and second to society. ATOMI managed to create a close cooperation with both public institutions and foreign organizations that operate in Kosovo.

photo by ATOMI


Atomists are identified between the 8th and 12th grade and thereafter benefit from activities and services including an enrichment program with advanced courses in the fields of natural, technical, social sciences and life skills (Shkolla+), individual mentoring by professionals and mediating for studies and scholarships, access to advanced and up to date literature, career orientation services, and so forth.

photo by ATOMI

photo by ATOMI











One of the activities that ATOMI organizes is also a summer school, one of the most anticipated activities by all its students. The Summer School is a two-week activity organized for each new ATOMI generation. It offers opportunity for each Atomist to create a social network and further develop their socializing skills with peers who share similar interests and potential. It includes several advanced courses, which depend on the interests of the Atomists of each generation ranging from programming to robotics, mathematics, chess, debate, writing, theatre as well as physical and recreational activities.

photo by ATOMI

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