By Christian Wolf, RBI |

Driven by the aim of providing better and better customer experience, changes in the global payments landscape have accelerated over the past few years and resulted in an increased array of payment options to choose from for customers across the globe. In addition to the advancements in technology, Open Banking legislation is surely one of the main drivers for a more and more competitive market environment. New market entrants such as young fintech companies or big, multinational technology corporations, leverage their agility, tech infrastructure and a new approach of using data to capture market share from traditional financial institutions.

Christian Wolf, RBI’s Head of Group Transformation, summarizes digital trends in the following short video:


Read more about digital trends and banking sector developments in Raiffeisen Research’s CEE Banking Sector Report 2019. You can download the report from the research portal: Link to the CEE Banking Sector Report (Please note that – in order to fulfil the legal and regulatory requirements – you must register to the portal to access the report.)

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