Enkelejd Zotaj, head of IT at Raiffeisen Bank Austria d.d. Zagreb (RBA), held an inspiring speech at Zagreb’s LEAP conference. He talked about “Agility vs. Fragility”. Today, we want to provide you with a video of his speech. It is held in a TED talk style and lasts 20 minutes and is definitely worth watching.

About the conference:

The LEAP (Learn, Engage, Act and Progress) Summit is a student conference which is held at the Zagreb Fair, Croatia. It is organized by the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation (HUKI) and the Innovation Factory. RBA supported the conference as sponsor. In 2018, the conference brought together more than 2,000 talented participants and more than 60 lecturers from all over the world, addressing current issues such as innovation, entrepreneurship, career development, successful business examples and inspiration.

One of the main focuses of the LEAP conference was to answer the question on how to manage change in modern times. During the three days of the conference, the participants met with successful companies and their leaders, listened to inspirational speeches and panels, and participated in networking and in workshops under expert guidance. Renowned speakers at the opening day of the conference were: Ethan Pierse (Borderless Ventures), Branko Baricevic (European Commission), Alejtin Berisha (Finnish School International) and Ben Woldring (Bencom Group).

The LEAP Summit is a driver of positive changes in Croatia, in a situation where Croatia faces outflow of young people in search of a job. The conference brings together potential employment candidates and their future employers in an interactive setting. This year’s conference included a large number of experts from leading companies, entrepreneurs and innovators such as: Emil Tedeschi (Atlantic Group), Ivana Kurtovic (Reebok), Daniel Ackermann (Degordian), Ivan Mrvos (Include), Hrvoje Prpic (Business angel) and many other influential people from the business world.