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  • Banking and arts – a strong partnership

    Those who think that banking business and arts may not go together so well will be proven wrong at Raiffeisen Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here, great importance is attached to the promotion of young artists. In the gallery of the bank citizens can see and purchase their works. Learn more about this partnership in our […]

  • Economic and cultural facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina at a glance

    In August, the Discover CEE spotlight is on Bosnia and Herzegovina! Watch out for several blog posts on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s business, culture and success stories. Today, we have the most interesting economic data and cultural facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina at a glance for you. The fact sheet is also downloadable in print version. […]

  • Great Stone – a pearl of the Silk Road

    By Natalya Chernogorova, Priorbank Belarus | Twenty-five kilometers away to the north of Belarus’ capital city Minsk there is a newly evolving multinational smart eco-town with a focus on high-tech innovative industries and a well-developed social infrastructure, green recreational and residential areas. This is how the Sino-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park is projected to look […]

  • Ivan Marchuk, a Ukrainian art genius of our time

    By Galina Tsvintarnaya, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukraine | “Give me a thousand years – I’ll paint the sky and will not repeat!”, Ivan Marchuk Ivan Marchuk is a renowned artist, a patriarch of the Ukrainian avant-garde, a legend of the Ukrainian painting, a genius who created about 5,000 works, opened more than 150 monographic and […]

  • KAZKA – a Ukrainian music sensation

    By Galina Tsvintarnaya, Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Ukraine | “We are not afraid to be different, after all we believe that each of us is beautiful thanks to our own uniqueness. You just need to believe in yourself and your power and be steady in your purpose”, KAZKA band’s vision. The Ukrainian band KAZKA (“fairy […]

  • Fintechs vs. banks? Time to clear up the competition myth

    By Oleksandr Kryshtal, Raiffeisen Bank Aval | Fintech primarily refers to innovations in the financial sector. Such innovations may include a new customer experience, a completely new product or modernization of cross-banking technology. Fintech has the ability to bring banking into the modern age offering advanced solutions to the financial services world. However, some time […]

  • Life in Chernobyl has found a way forward

    By Galina Tsvintarnaya, Raiffeisen Bank Aval | “The further we move in time from the disaster, the more it seems like a myth – and the more difficult it becomes to grasp its real-life roots and consequences”, Serhii Plokhy, the author of the book “History of a Tragedy” awarded with the Baillie Gifford prize. I […]

  • CEE Banking Sector Report 2019

    RBI’s analysts documented and analyzed banking sector trends as well as the key drivers and indicators in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The analysts are posted throughout the CEE region as well as in Vienna and provided their local expertise and insights to create the latest version of the Raiffeisen Research’s CEE Banking Sector Report. […]

  • The Carpathians: A personal guide to the magic mountains

    By Dmytro Sologub, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine | Central banking is a tough job. It requires making policy decisions in an uncertain environment under pressure from the various groups of interests. Hence, I’m often asked both in my public and private interactions: How do you relax from your challenging office work? […]

  • Efficiency and innovation are the basis for success in agribusiness

    By Galina Tsvintarnaya, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukraine | Alex Lissitsa is the CEO of IMC, an integrated agricultural business company, and president of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, an association representing the interests of over 100 leading Ukrainian agro-food companies. Lissitsa was born in Chernihiv region in Ukraine, studied at the National Agricultural University of Ukraine […]