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  • Holidays at home

    By Patricia Lang-Schönberger, RBI | During times where the Corona situation is ever so present – and new corona cases are steadily increasing again – you might not want to travel abroad but rather stay at home and enjoy the beauty of your own home country. Together with our colleagues from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania and […]

  • Is cloud computing secure?

    By Stefan Jakoubi, Philipp Reisinger, SBA Research                 Since its inception in 2006, we have to ask continuously if cloud computing is actually secure. It is a controversial topic which causes vivid debates and led to a divide between proponents and critics, whereby both sides bring valid arguments […]

  • Spotlight on Belarus: Underlying economic challenges to resurface rather sooner than later

    By Olga Zhegulo, Priorbank, Ruslan Gadeev and Andreas Schwabe, RBI |               Ongoing political protests in the aftermath of presidential elections on 9th August 2020 put a global spotlight on the Republic of Belarus, the country sandwiched between Russia, Ukraine and the eastern flank of the European Union. Ruled […]

  • Data protection: „We should be proud to have – with GDPR – the strongest and most modern data protection rule in the world”

    Interview by Marlene Schloffer, RBI Daniela Bollmann, data protection officer at RBI, about her job, why she is proud of GDPR, what kind of data banks collect, how the customers benefit from this and how to prepare for and respond to a data breach. What is the purpose and goal of a data protection officer […]

  • EUR/USD: New spring with positive spillover effects on CEE

    By Sebastian Petric, RBI Purposeful European crisis management was key for the recovery of the EUR versus the USD. That being said, optimism with respect to the EUR and the EU crisis response may hit a ceiling from a mid-term perspective. Sebastian Petric, CFA sheds light on this and other crucial drivers of EUR/USD and […]

  • Culinary highlights

    In summer, due to rising temperatures and brighter evenings, friends and families meet outside for a barbecue or a nice dinner. We have looked at some countries where our CEE network banks are doing business, to see which culinary highlights are ideal for a wonderful summer evening. Be inspired by the beloved Siberian dish Pelmeni […]

  • Do not fight the ECB in CEE

    By Gunter Deuber, RBI “Do not fight the Fed” is considered a core motto on international financial markets and among professional market observers. In the current crisis, this applies equally to the ECB. The ECB’s action is currently seen by financial market players as sufficiently decisive and timely (e.g. rapid announcement of the flexible PEPP […]

  • EU COVID-19 crisis response: A look from the CE/SEE perspective

    By Gunter Deuber, RBI From the perspective of the CE/SEE region, there are currently some positive aspects emerging from the rather swift and joint economic policy response to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. Overall, the EU is making available some 5-6% of GDP as an anti-cyclical crisis response. For comparison: Joint EU economic policy efforts in […]

  • Is Cloud computing a disrupter in financial services?

    By David Zeller, RBI Like electricity from the socket, cloud services are almost immediately available without having to order, install and maintain technical infrastructure within a company. Cloud providers guarantee immediate access and unlimited resources. This results in an incredible gain in speed and is therefore especially important for innovations. But could it be a […]