• Slido – The secrets of a top presentation

    by Zuzana Ziaranova, Tatra banka | In the third interview, Juraj Holub, marketing director of Slido, told us in our interview how to prepare a presentation to attract and keep the attention of the audience. Slido, an application created in Slovakia makes events more interactive and has become a favourite international tool for conferences in […]

  • “Innovation is like swimming” – guest comment by Kristian Luoma

    by Kristian Luoma, OP | Kristian Luoma runs innovation operations at OP – Finland’s biggest Financial Group. He has created services for millions of customers, including the award-winning Pivo Mobile Wallet. He is an expert in lean service creation and a public speaker about startup innovation and impact of technology to businesses. His background lies in the […]

  • IT revolution in Belarus

    During the last years, Belarus’ IT sector has received strong state support as it is one of the key fields of development. Particular attention is paid to the so-called Belarus High Technologies Park (HTP) located in Minsk – a special economic zone with a special tax and legal regime in the Republic of Belarus, the […]

  • Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and Crypto Currencies

    Previously, Oliver Völkel and his colleagues from the Austrian law firm Stadler Völkel discussed cryptocurrencies from a private law perspective as well as coins and tokens from a capital markets law perspective. In this follow-up blog post on Discover CEE Oliver Völkel and Leyla Farahmandnia focus on anti-money laundering legislation and crypto currencies. Enjoy the […]

  • Customer engagement solutions for banks

    This time we talked to Moxtra, participant of RBI’s Elevator Lab and leader in mobile-first embeddable collaboration services, offers an embeddable, omni-channel client engagement platform for financial services companies. Using Moxtra’s technology, clients and bank agents can collaborate around documents using secure messaging, e-signatures, voice layered over content and real-time meetings. Have a look at […]

  • How to get maximum value out of data

    On their website they say they are obsessed with finding answers: Gauss Algorithmic, one of the fintechs participating in RBI’s accelerator programme Elevator Lab support companies to expose and exploit the wealth hidden in data for their further development. They specialise in Big Data. We talked to Johnson Darkwah, one of Gauss Algorithmic’s Big Data […]

  • Coins and Tokens as Securities?

    The last time, Oliver Völkel and Julia Heinisch from the Austrian law firm Stadler Völkel discussed cryptocurrencies from a private law perspective.  In the blog post below, Oliver Völkel and his colleague Leyla Farahmandnia have a look on coins and tokes from a capital markets law perspective. Enjoy the read! Capital Markets Law Perspective on […]

  • Crypotcurrencies discussed from a private law perspective

    Last time we read some preliminary remarks about legal aspects of virtual currencies. This time we will dig a little deeper into the matter. The law firm Stadler Völkel have addressed some of the legal questions that have been raised and try to provide answers from an Austrian law perspective. Oliver Völkel and Julia Heinisch […]