• The marathon for defining the future of banking has started

    By Daniel Dragomir, CEO & Co-founder TechHub Bucharest | Technology empowers entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs worldwide to improve the quality of life for an increasing number of people. Today a financial professional in Bucharest can build a fintech product that could significantly improve the lives of people in South-East Asia by giving them access to financial […]

  • Belarus and Russia: Brothers in Arms when it comes to digital banking

    By Gunter Deuber, RBI and Natalya Chernogorova, Priorbank Belarus | In terms of its degree of digital maturity, the banking sector in Belarus can be described as very advanced. This holds true although the banking sector in Belarus is sometimes overlooked in analytical or marketing studies covering Digital topics in the CEE or EMEA region. […]

  • FinTech Global Hackathon: The most promising ideas from Belarus’ start-ups

    By Darya Shakuro, Priorbank Belarus | More than 100 developers took part in the FinTech Global Hackathon, partnered by Priorbank, that took place in Minsk in September. The hackathon was remarkable for an international high-level jury and participants from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Estonia. Within 48 hours developers had to create inventive ways of using […]

  • Giving space to disruption

    By Anja Knass, RBI | Dr. Claudia Witzemann is the Managing Director of weXelerate – Austria’s leading start-up and innovation hub. We talked with her about the Austrian start-up ecosystem, the importance of disruption and Austria’s role as a bridge between East and West. weXelerate is Austria’s largest start-up hub and located in the center […]

  • Export Factoring: Indispensable companion for business abroad

    By Florian Stadtthaler, RBI |   Andreas Bene, member of the board of Raiffeisen Factor Bank AG, talks about factoring, customer benefits, trends in factoring and his recommendations for exporters.     What exactly is export factoring and what are the differences to conventional factoring? Export factoring is the purchase and therefore the financing of […]

  • Viennese Escargots: Slow food at its best

    By Andreas Ecker, RBI| Snail farmer and manufacturer Gugumuck aims at a future-oriented urban agriculture Ten years ago Andreas Gugumuck started breeding escargots on the vegetable field of his family’s farm. Today, his Viennese Escargots, the “Wiener Schnecken”, are a well-established culinary brand served in Austria’s top restaurants and his “Future Farm” in the South […]

  • I want people to talk about their finances

    By Anja Knass, RBI | Sara Koslinska, co-founder and CEO of the micro-investing app limitless, was recently named as one of “30 under 30” by Forbes Poland. In this interview she talks about what inspired her to launch her app and why she thinks that Millennials need to start talking about their finances. Sara, you […]

  • CEE’s Banking Penetration Champions: Czech Republic, Croatia and Belarus

    By Gunter Deuber, RBI | Current data for the CEE banking markets confirm a clear (positive) correlation between market penetration via conventional banking products and digital channels. From a regional perspective (i.e. within the subregions of Central Europe, Southeastern Europe and Eastern Europe), the Czech Republic, Croatia and Belarus are the respective markets with the […]

  • Fintech Roadtrip CEE: Why Slovakia is so self-confident

    By Josef Ruhaltinger, Trending Topics | „The Startup scene in Slovakia is growing. Some Slovak startups have emerged globally (ESET, Sygic, Slido). You can feel it: There is now a strong generation of ambitious young people, IT or marketing, who have great ideas and are not afraid anymore to use them.“ Dominik Miša, Head of Marketing, […]

  • Roadtrip CEE in Russia: Petroleum, Gold and Electronic Assets

    by Bastian Kellhofer, Trending Topics| „In Russia, it is the banks themselves and the central bank that make most innovations possible in all relevant areas: KYC, Payments, RegTech, Blockchain and Open Banking. The central bank is very flexible and is prepared to adapt regulatory limits quickly if necessary. That happened a lot lately.“ Evgenia Ovchinnikova, […]