• Public Holidays 2020 in CEE

    Are you planning a business trip to the CEE region? Or would you like to know on which dates your business partner in CEE is on public holidays? The Discover CEE Public Holidays 2020 overview shows all the dates at one glance. Wherever you travel from, when planning a trip to the CEE region, also […]

  • The Albanian fintech scene in the spotlight

    By Anila Hoxha, Raiffeisen Bank in Albania | In the past few years, Albania has been experiencing an emerging startup ecosystem. Nevertheless, most of the country’s startups are still in the early stages of seed financing. Lately, however, many private and public players have expressed their interest in funding startups usually in the field of […]

  • “What I’m most proud of is helping to create a different lifestyle for Albanians”

    By Klarida Rrogozi, Raiffeisen Bank in Albania | Samir Mane, president of the Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and among the largest in the Western Balkans, was originally born in Korça. The old and traditional city in southeast Albania was primarily a center of trade, before the communist regime […]

  • I can’t stop counting my favorite places in Bulgaria

    By Bojidar Gyurov, Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria | What is a foreigners’ idea of Bulgaria? How can Bulgaria pleasantly surprise them? Would they come to work here? How is the business environment in Bulgaria changing? How can Bulgaria attract foreign investments? While we were trying to find the answers to these challenging questions, our paths […]

  • The Bulgarian organic food market – from small niche farms to thriving business

    By Eleonora Georgieva, Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria | Well-being. Improving the health of all is one of the main goals of the United Nations for the next 10 years. The organization’s current set of sustainable development goals include ensuring a healthy life and the promotion of well-being for everyone. And as we all know, food […]

  • The charm of Bulgaria’s wine chateaux

    By Stoyan Genov, Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria | A centuries-old history, traditions and great ambitions. These are the key features of the Bulgarian wine business. Along with production for local and traditional markets, and entry into new international markets, a number of boutique wineries have been trying to bring Bulgaria’s wine culture to an even […]

  • Conquering the global market, from small Bulgarian towns

    By Stoyan Genov, Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria | What could five towns in Southeast European with a population of fewer than 50,000 people have in common? Obviously, the small population… But how about global business leadership? Yes, it’s actually possible. The Bulgarian towns Letnitsa (population: 5,000), Bozhuriste (8,000), Lozen (6,000), Montana (50,000) and Vidin (40,000) […]

  • Sofia: SEE’s emerging fintech hub

    By Stoyan Genov, Raiffeisen Bank in Bulgaria | “One of the fastest growing fintech destinations in the CEE Region”; “An evolving fintech hub”; “The most vibrant fintech destination in the SEE region”. You can often hear or read these definitions of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Trust us, this is not an overstatement. Behind these […]

  • Six promising fintechs to participate in Elevator Lab’s current program

    By Katja Fiedler, Raiffeisen Bank International AG | The participants of the third round of Raiffeisen Bank International’s (RBI) fintech partnership program Elevator Lab were announced on the Finalists Day in mid-October. The six chosen fintech startups will get valuable support by experts and mentors in developing unique pilot projects, so-called PoCs (Proof of Concept), […]

  • Digital Banking Services for Corporate Business: Russian Perspective

    By Marie Mesropyan, Raiffeisenbank in Russia | Big business is still experiencing a shortage of digital banking services. Leaders of the financial industry are actively trying to solve the problem Digital banking infrastructure for business in Russia, especially for large and medium businesses, still lags behind the mass retail segment, experts say. “In general, development […]

  •  “I definitely became more professional and learned a lot in Russia”

    By Anna Gorshkova, Raiffeisenbank in Russia | Prior to moving to Moscow in January 2016, Roland Wass, Head of Risk and Credit Management at Raiffeisenbank Russia, spent 13 years in Belgrade working for Raiffeisenbank Serbia. He spoke to Discover CEE about the challenges of moving to a new country, cultural and professional differences between Austrians […]