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  • Startup (r)evolution in Slovakia

    By Zuzana Žiaranová, Spokesperson, Tatra banka | High-technology brings about evolution with some elements of revolution into business. Local companies that are able to seize new opportunities will also withstand global competition. Everyone has some ideas, but whether they “land on the moon” dependa on the implementation itself, explains startup mentor Michal Satur. How would […]

  • Try traditional Eastern Slovak recipes this Easter

    By Zuzana Žiaranová, Spokesperson, Tatra banka | While people in towns usually relax or go for walks during the holidays, Easter in the countryside of Western Slovakia is rich in many traditions and customs. Typical dishes include paska (white cake) and hrudka (egg cheese) that can’t be missing from a traditional Easter basket.  On the […]

  • Slovakian residential real estate market: Attractive investment or particularly vulnerable to systemic risks?

    By Michael Heller, RBI | If you walk along the left bank of the Danube, on the promenade next to Eurovea shopping center, you can feel a new modern, cosmopolitan flair in Bratislava. It’s not just those lively restaurants and bars close to the river, but above all a variety of high rise residential and […]

  • Hidden Places in Slovakia

    By Oľga Kleinová, Slovakia.travel | “Tajchy” of Banská Štiavnica (Middle Slovakia) Tajchy are lakes situated in Central Slovakia in the Štiavnické Mountains. They were constructed for the needs of the local mines and until today 24 lakes have been picturesquely created in nature. Some of them are great for recreation: in summer for swimming and boating, […]

  • Automotive industry in Slovakia: Can its long history continue with electromobility on the rise?

    By Boris Fojtík, Economic Analyst at Tatra banka | There are four car manufacturers based in the west of Slovakia, across an area of less than 3,500km2, which represents less than 7 percent of the territory of the country. In 2018, their production increased to 1.08 million cars, which is another record-breaking result for the […]

  • Digital Croatia? Depends on where you look!

    By Gunter Deuber and Oliver Marx, RBI Vienna | In some areas digital penetration on par with Central European peers … As outlined in a recent blog post, Croatia’s ability to withstand the competitive pressure inside the EU and euro area is an important prerequisite for sustainable success in these integration contexts. This applies to […]

  • Croatian summer: Secret spots and colorful festivals

    By Kristina Samardžić, Raiffeisen Bank Croatia | Croatian jealousy sometimes leads to some of the country’s most beautiful spots staying rather hidden and limited to those who try hard enough to reveal their incredible mixture of history, nature, culture, customs and people. What is not so secret anymore on the other hand, is the fact […]

  • When will Croatia introduce the euro?

    By Zrinka Zivkovic-Matijevic, Raiffeisen Bank Croatia, and Gunter Deuber, RBI | Another Slovakia ante portas? A possible euro area entry of Croatia, and this as quickly as possible, is a double-edged issue. After all, the euro zone is currently also divided into two parts, into countries of the so-called Northern part and the (mostly) southern […]